I believe brands should approach marketing in a way that speaks about more than just their product. Marketing is a form of communication between the brand and their audience. Through honest storytelling and creative marketing strategies, you can deliver a deeper, richer message that is layered with your brand identity. Surprise High School Makeovers is an original content series by BAND that features real users, highlights their story, and documents an engaging story of BAND giving back to it's users through a surprise makeover that they will never forget.

Service: BAND

Target audience: High School Sports Teams

Ad placement: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

Production Agency: Mustache

Director: Danny Jordan of Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition

Creative Directing: Brian J. Yook

Original Concepting: Brian J. Yook

Project Lead: Brian J. Yook

20k likes, 800 comments,

2.2k shares, 298,517 link clicks

"The community, and our parents are so thankful for everything that BAND has done for us."

- Coach Strasko



3.2 million ThruPlays (viewing 15s or more)


2.7 million views (viewing 30s or more)

44% View Rate (193% higher than industry average view rate of 15%)

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