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Navarro College Cheer Team became famous following the Netflix hit docuseries 'CHEER', and BAND has become the most popular app in the cheer industry in the past few years. So we partnered up with Monica Aldama and Gabi Butler from the show. 

Monica Aldama

Monica has led the Navarro College cheer team for 25 years and they have won 14 national cheerleading championships. Navarro cheer is considered the highest level of competitive cheerleading in the world. Monica is a charismatic head coach who leads her team with compassion and dedication.

Gabi Butler

Gabi is a Cheer Superstar with 1.7million followers on her instagram. She is considered one of the most skilled cheerleaders in the industry and is looked up to by younger cheerleaders.


2 minute ver.

3 minute ver.

We partnered with Monica & Gabi and asked them to use the BAND app with their team for 30 days. They fell in love with the app and gave us a very genuine, positive review. We also talked to them about thier bond, cheer life, and advice for younger cheerleaders. Watch the full interview below! Monica and Gabi also posted the videos on their instagram.

Target audience: Cheerleading teams

Ad placement: FB, IN, YT

Agency: MediaKix, Mustache

Creative Directing: Brian J. Yook

Director: Brian J. Yook

Post-Production: Brian J. Yook, John Lee

Project lead: Brian J. Yook

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